Ascent Sigmax Sportsmeds Pvt. Ltd.
In 2021, two multinational organizations, Ascent Meditech Ltd. from India and Nippon Sigmax Company Ltd. from Japan joined hands to form Ascent Sigmax Sportsmeds Pvt. Ltd. The joint venture was formed with the common goal of offering support products for the sporting community to prevent injuries.
Athlete performance being the key Ascent Sigmax Sportsmeds Pvt. Ltd. would be introducing Zamst and GoChamps support range of sports products. Zamst, the No. 1* brand of Sports Compression Supports in Japan targets the professional athletes of India.
GoChamps, a brand for aspiring young athletes marries the technical superiority of Nippon Sigmax combined with the stringent quality standards of Ascent. GoChamps support products are economically priced and aesthetically sophisticated.
We are based in Mumbai, with a state of the art green-field manufacturing facility located in the Indian state of Gujarat.